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November 29, 2017

Coulson Ice Blast Announces iBlast Total Blasting Solutions as South African Distributor

South Africa, [November 28, 2017] Coulson Ice Blast has announced that iBlast Total Blasting Solutions will distribute Coulson Ice Blast products across South Africa.

iBlast was established by Sean Miles who, while managing one of the largest dry ice manufacturers in the region, helped introduce dry ice blasting to the South African market. During his tenure, this company developed their own dry ice blasting products, designed to address challenges specific to industries in their area.

Miles then learned of Coulson Ice Blast, the only company in the world to manufacture industrial cleaning machines that use ice made from water as a blast media. Seeing the potential that blasting with regular ice has to disrupt the dry ice cleaning market that he’d helped to create, Miles established iBlast Total Blasting Solutions, a company focused around the distribution of Coulson Ice Blast products.

“We are very excited to start working with Sean and the rest of the iBlast team in South Africa. Before we brought ice blasting technology to market this year, the industrial cleaning industry had not seen much innovation for the last 50 years. Many of these existing technologies simply could not keep up with increasing environmental and safety regulations. With the introduction of ice as a blast media, we are seeing huge advantages, whether through effectiveness, cost savings or meeting increasingly stringent regulations, over other technologies currently being used today,” said Foster Coulson, Vice President of Coulson Ice Blast.

With a background of many years’ experience handling relations with large industrial clients and seeing the limitations of other cleaning technologies to meet their needs, Coulson Ice Blast has absolute confidence in iBlast Total Blasting Solutions to support the South African industrial cleaning market.

Coulson Ice Blast’s signature machine is the IceStorm90. Standard ice cubes, made with any freezer, ice cube maker or purchased and delivered to the worksite through a worldwide network of ice cubes suppliers, are loaded into the hopper of the machine. The IceStorm90 then crushes these cubes into smaller ice particles, feeds them into a compressed air stream and blasts them at high speed towards the surface to be cleaned.

Download the press release (PDF).

November 20, 2017

Coulson Ice Blast’s IceStorm90 – 2017 R&D 100 Award Winner

[November 19, 2017] Coulson Ice Blast’s IceStorm90 has been recognized as “One of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year” by R&D Magazines 55th annual R&D 100 Awards.

The R&D 100 Award winning IceStorm90 is a non-abrasive blasting machine which uses ice as the blasting media. The result is a cleaning machine that uses significantly less water than a pressure washer and can also replace other commonly used cleaning methods and machines including: dry ice blasting, abrasive media (sand) blasting, and chemical cleaning.

“To see the IceStorm90 get recognized as one of the top 100 most technologically significant products of 2017, and be surrounded by so many other innovative companies and organizations, is a real triumph and something we are extremely proud of.” says Foster Coulson, Vice President of Coulson Ice Blast.

Coulson Ice Blast is a technology company based in Port Alberni, BC whose goal is to effect positive change in the industrial and precision cleaning sectors by providing tailored products that are an environmentally-friendly and effective cleaning solution.

The R&D 100 Awards have served as the most prestigious innovation awards program for the past 55 years, honoring great R&D pioneers and their revolutionary ideas in Science and Technology. The R&D100 awards recognize the most promising new products, processes, materials, or software developed throughout the world and introduced to the market the previous year.

October 25, 2017

Coulson Ice Blast Announces Corrosion Coatings ltd. as Trinidad and Tobago Distributor

Princes Town, Trinidad, [October 24, 2017] Coulson Ice Blast is partnering with Corrosion Coatings ltd. for the distribution of all Coulson Ice Blast products in Trinidad and Tobago. Corrosion Coatings ltd. is specialized in the cleaning, inspection, surface preparation and protective coatings industries. They are heavily involved in the offshore oil industry, providing cleaning, recoating and aerial drone surveillance services on offshore oil rigs, with clients including Shell, BP and the Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

As a company, the core objectives of Corrosion Coatings ltd. match closely with those of Coulson Ice Blast: promoting innovative new products that get the job done faster while being safer, cheaper, cleaner and resulting in less waste. They seek out new technologies from around the world that align with this vision and bring them to the Trinidad and Tobago market.

Corrosion Coatings ltd. pride themselves on their analyses of overall cost, time and effectiveness when looking at which process and technology is right for which job, generating detailed comparison reports for clients. In the past they have used both ultra-high pressure water and dry ice for pipe, corrosion and petrochemical cleaning. Their excitement in taking on the Coulson Ice Blast torch in the region of Trinidad and Tobago thus says a lot about the effectiveness and gain in media cost savings, reduced waste and ease of containment that blasting with crushed ice cubes offers.

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August 31, 2017

Coulson Ice Blast Announces Partnership with Distributor MFC Corporation

Talinn, Estonia, [August 14, 2017] Coulson Ice Blast is proud to announce a partnership with MFC corporation, who will be the authorized distributor of Coulson Ice Blast products for the territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Poland. Based in Estonia, with seven European locations, MFC Corporation will not only distribute Coulson Ice Blast’s IceStorm90 TM, but will operate their own fleet of machines, in addition to offering maintenance and repair services to our clients.
MFC Corporation’s main businesses areas are: Industrial, Shipping, Off-Shore, and Industrial Cleaning Services. “MFC is proud to partner with Coulson Ice Blast. We believe Coulson’s Ice Blasting technology is the best industrial cleaning tool on the market.” Paavo Leego, CEO of MFC Corporation stated during the official contract signing.

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August 10, 2017

Coulson Ice Blast a Finalist for Prestigious R&D 100 Awards

Orlando, Florida, [August 10, 2017] Coulson Ice Blast’s IceStorm90 ice blasting machine has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious R&D 100 awards! The R&D 100 awards, considered the most prestigious recognition of innovation, were established by R&D Magazine in 1963 and have honored the 100 most innovative technologies of every year since.
Coulson Ice Blast is in good company, with other finalists for the award including NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, General Motors, IBM, HP, Dow Corning, Hitachi and MIT Lincoln Laboratory in recognition of projects that span advances in medical technology, gene expression profiling, drone flight software systems, material science, radiation shields for spacecraft, adhesives, microchip electronics and imaging technology, among many others. Winners are announced on November 17th.

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July 5, 2017

Coulson Ice Blast Announces Partnership with Distributor Multico

Arad, Romania, [April 25, 2017] Coulson Ice Blast is proud to announce a partnership with Multico, who will be our distributor for the territories of Romania, Serbia, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Based in Romania, with five European locations and over 300 employees, Multico will not only distribute Coulson Ice Blast’s IceStorm90 TM, but will operate their own fleet of machines, in addition to offering maintenance and repair services to our clients.

Multico was established in 1991. They have since grown into a diverse company, offering blasting and industrial cleaning as well as quality inspection services. They have extensive experience working in and around manufacturing processes, performing mold and industrial equipment cleaning, degreasing parts and components, as well as more general floor and building cleaning. As experts in the field, who will be using Coulson Ice Blast machines in a wide variety of applications, they can better advise clients and perform servicing.

Download the press release (PDF).

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