About Coulson Ice Blast

Mission and Values

Mission Statement:

  • To influence positive change in the industrial and precision cleaning sectors by providing tailored products that are an environmentally-friendly and effective cleaning solution.


We will deliver for our customers:

  • Lower operating costs and total cost of ownership.
  • Lower environmental impacts achieved through low water and energy use.
  • Lower health and safety risks for their workers.
  • Minimal contaminate disposal costs
  • Provide an operational cost advantage to existing options in industrial, precision, and environmental cleaning.
  • Become a cost-efficient industry standard for cleaning solutions while ensuring a high quality cleaning.
  • Reduce the industry’s environmental footprint by using the minimal amounts of water and electricity in cleaning applications.


  • Innovation – We will continuously improve our technology to achieve a greener future.
  • Accountability – We will deliver reliable equipment to our customers that will be fully supported. We believe that our technology will have an influence in minimizing the environmental impact of our current and future generations.
  • Health & Safety – We will continue to innovate to improve workplace safety for workers.
  • Balance – We believe a healthy work-life balance is essential for a healthy workplace.
  • High performance – We encourage our employees to be innovative and to deliver the most desirable products.