Coulson Ice Blast Applications

Plastics Applications

Injection moulding machine used for the forming of plastic parts using plastic resin and polymers.
Plastic water bottles on conveyor and water bottling machine industry

Applications of Coulson Ice Blast in the Plastics sector:


  • General Mold and Tool cleaning
  • Injections Molds
  • Compression Molds
  • Blow Molds
  • Urethane Molds and Overspill
  • Plate out and off-gasing
  • Textured Molds and Embossing cooling rolls
  • Thermoform Molds
  • Extrusion dies
  • Plastic injection Screws
  • Clamshell aluminum molds for urethane foam

Enhanced ice

  • Removing Rust
  • Removing paint
  • High temperature pods